Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where Is He?

I have been following this story with some interest since I am familiar with the area in which it is taking place. I can't help wondering why Gov. Goodhair has been completely silent during this event. These people are being housed in a museum. Ft. Concho is a restored post Civil War fort that is pretty much in the middle of town. It was not restored with the idea that anyone would actually live there. There are no fences around it. There is no way that there is sufficient plumbing (bathrooms, kitchen facilities, etc.) for four hundred people to stay there for very long. I would be surprised if there were any showers at all. The only places that could possible house that many people comfortably in San Angelo are the schools and the university which ,of course, are not available this time of year. Where is our state leadership?


The Minstrel Boy said...

there are many problems in going after these types of cults. first, and foremost, is the problem of economics. because of their structure they usually represent some serious money. the leaders use the church tax dodge and buy real estate, along with owning huge chunks of other businesses. this buys them lots of legal defense, and often will give pause to the law enforcement who might be thinking about making a move.

second, there is that whole out west ethic of "my business begins and ends at my side of the fence." we tend to be very averse to any complaints about what goes on in the privacy of someone else's life. it's just not done.

still, these guys have degenerated into abusive perversions for a long, long time. when joseph smith and brigham young first instituted the polygamy standards it took less time than any of them imagined for the system and the situation to degenerate wildly. had it been left alone it would most likely have died out under the weight of its own depravity

seventh sister said...

yes, there are a lot of problems going after these types. one of them is that without a complaint, the state had no authority to go in. people in the town had been worried for years that there would be another waco type comfrontation there. and while you may be right about it eventually colapsing on its own, how many women and girls would lead horrible lives until it did?

the gov, finally made a tv appearance. i think he was waiting to make sure that the state's case held up in court so he would not look like an ass if it didn't.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I don't know much about this matter--I thank you for your visit. I do know that the state is good around voting time; sorry, I am cynical these days about government and I just watched a very disturbing documentary about the feds role in Waco, Texas.

The Minstrel Boy said...

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Christine said...

they are int he museum? this whole thing is just so sad on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that they were living in a museum either.

seventh sister said...

Yes, it is a museum. I am not sure why they were taken to San Angelo. I guess there was no room for 400 plus people anywhere else. It is a big mess. I hope it gets straightened out soon and the children are all taken care of.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

It's always shocking that things like this can be happening in 21st Century America. Sadly, the freed adults have few marketable skills and all these people will need voluminous amounts of therapy and financial help to become self-sufficient. And that's assuming that they WANT to be.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Boy, I wish I knew what the answer to this one was.

Certainly, those girls need to be spared from the cycle of abuse, but what to do?

As I understand it, there is only the thinnest of cases that can be brought against anyone without testimony, which is almost assuredly not coming.

I'm with you, Where is the Gov.?

I understand this is a "county" issue, but come on, why can't common sense step in. Surely there is some sort of contingency fund that could be tapped?

seventh sister said...

Maybe it is a county issue but Eldorado is in Schleicher Co. and San Angelo is in Tom Green Co. The judge in the case is overwhelmed. It might be wise to assign a couple of more judges to help out. Also, the kids have been moved to the colluseum whichis like a tiny Super Dome. A town of round 90,000, SA is having a hard time absorbing all the extra lawyers (each child has to be represented) press, etc.