Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's All Good

Thanks to all of you who offered me encouragement regarding the job interview. I got the job then decided not to do it after a couple of days. I get to choose how I am treated and how to treat people. I just couldn't get my head around some of the ways that place treats people. I let it go and since then, I have had to turn down work due to the number of calls I have been getting. I view the experience as helpful in getting clear about just what it is that I want out of my career.

For Deniece

We drove down to San Antonio today to look at cars for Stephen. As we approached New Braunfuls, I saw the sign for Conrads Lane. Instinctively, I searched the hills to the right in search of that glimpse of the old house. Then I remembered that it is gone. Then I remembered that you are gone, too. The house moved down the road somewhere and you moved on to some other realm. I promised you that you will be with us anytime we are all together and I hope you know that you are.

We will all be together at the festival this weekend and I will be looking for you. When Lynn has a pain in his neck (or lower), I know that it will be you nagging him to take better care of himself. When Gina gets upset about the kitchen not being taken care of, I know that you will be cheering her on. When someone remarks that she doesn't have to do everything that she does, you will be there agreeing with them.

When we are sitting on Richard's river bank, you will be there listening to all the music and gossip. When the hammock dumps someone in the river, I'll wonder if you had a hand in that.

You will be with us at the campfires, sitting in the shadows. You will be there when the tequila is opened and passed around. I'd offer to drink your share but you know what a light weight I am when it comes to booze. Maybe I'll eat your share of the cheese cake if we have any.

I'll look for you late at night after the main stage shuts down. "Meet me in the meadow".

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Feed Blitz

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I Don't Think I'm in Austin Anymore....

A couple of days ago I had a little extra time during the morning and decided to travel into the far north region of town to check out the Domain. This is a shopping district which has recently opened to with much fanfare, hoopla and just about any other kind of spin you can imagine.

I drove past the huge parking garages on surrounding it and found myself in what appears to be someones attempt to recreate a small downtown type facade. There was parking on each side of a small street which ran down the middle of the complex. I got the feeling that all the buildings lining the street were build on a slightly small scale in an attempt to give the place a cozy feel. (This is done at amusement parks to make the fake "towns" so cute.)

I got out of my car and started walking. It was late morning and I was hungry having just done a 90 minute massage. I thought that there would be some little bakery or sandwich shop where I could get a snack and eat it while I did my exploring. No such luck. The closet things that I found to that were a Starbucks, a Steeping Room and a California Pizza Kitchen. Are you starting to get the picture? There were two large stores, Macy's at one end and Neimen Marcus at the other. In between there were upscale chain stores of every variety. If there is a locally owned, Austin based business up there, I did not find it. I also discovered something that I have suspected for a long time. Just because something is expensive does not mean that it was made in the USA or that it was not made by little hands. I saw a cute little $295 shirt in Ralph Lauren that was made in Korea. I had to wonder how much the person(s) who made the shirt actually got paid for her work and how well she and her family live. ( I am using feminine gender pronouns because most sewing room workers are women and girls.)

I had a pleasant time walking around the pristine faux town on a weekday morning when there were not very many people there. I don't know what the place is like when it is crowded. I did feel as though I could have been in any city in this country. There was nothing to say "This is Austin", or even "This is Texas." Instead it screamed , "Welcome to Generica."

So go on up there and explore Neiman's with all the sales people dressed as though they are about to attend a funeral. Check out the ladies' room that is reminicent of the ones in old movie theaters except for the horrible music that is blaring so loudly you can hardly stay in there long enough to wash your hands. (That is probaly the idea.) Look at the $150 T shirts at Macy's and everything else in between. You might want to wear your ruby slippers just to be sure you can get back home.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

More blooming things

The park is still in in bloom and the colors are changing every day. This was 3 days ago.

Got the Job

Thanks to all of you who wished me well during the job interview process. I got the job!! It was one of those things where they knew that they wanted me as soon as I walked in the door. It feels like good fit for me, too. I'll be working Sunday and Monday afternoons as well as Wednesday afternoons to early evenings. The job is at Aziz, the oldest day spa in Austin. It has a great reputation and a steady clientelle so I should have enough work to keep me busy and not enough to leave me sore and exhausted. I'll still have time to persue my other passions and keep up with my private practice. I am very excited about it although it will mean a change fo lifestyle for me to some degree. I am happy that I will not have to be getting up and leaving the house early in the morning. I am also happy that I won't be driving around town during high traffic times. It will also be nice t o have a somewhat steady income. Life is good.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dress for Success?

I used to know how to dress for job interviews. You put on a suit or a nice dress with pantie hose and pumps and you were all set. Today, you dress in business casual attire for most interviews and I am never sure what that means. The main problem, is neither does anybody else. I just spent three hours shopping for something to wear to an interview tomorrow. All I bought was a green button up shirt with a collar and a scarf that I picked up just because I liked it. The job is as a massage therapist at a spa/salon. If I were going to work on someone, I'd know just how to dress....black pants and a nice T shirt. However, I am not going to be working on anyone unless the person I talk with likes me enough to call me back for a second interview. Spas are places where appearances matter a lot. I can't look too casual or too dressed up for the job. I'll most likely wear the new shirt over black pants and maybe I'll figure out a way to drape the scarf over my shoulders or someplace (it's really long so I am not sure that I can carry it off.) At least I have a pair of green shoes that pretty much match the shirt. I'll just be glad when the interview is over.