Saturday, April 26, 2008

Push Polling

Just because someone is engaged in living a peaceful life and doing things to help others does not mean that he won't take serious action when confronted with what he considers to be an affront to integrity in our political system. A pollster working either directly or indirectly for the Clinton campaign found this out the hard way when he called my friend David in North Carolina. David not only had the presence of mind to record the last part of the call, but contacted Scott Walterman, the head of news programming for XM Radio. After that, the story took on a life of its own. You can read it at one of the following links or at David's blog, World Changing 101, or you can google 'push polling David LaMotte' and read any of the 929 references that I just found.

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Jocelyn said...

I've been proud not to have a cell phone. Now I'm realizing I need to get rid of the land-line, too, so them folks can't ever reach me.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

I read David's post and I'm delighted that he recorded some of that "poll."

Nothing objective going on there. More dirty tricks from that candidate than a barrel of monkeys with diarrhea. There is clearly no depth to which she will not sink. Which gives me a sinking feeling, too.

Kevin Charnas said...

that makes me sick to my stomach...

it's well past the time for us to have a revolution.

a peaceful one, albeit, but a revolution nonetheless...

hele said...


I thought our politicians were bad.

Maria said...

Well, yes. It is disturbing. It is also psychologically adept. I mean, it subjects one's reasoning abilities to serious limits by using the push-pull method. It works and is used quite often by many pollsters, not just Clinton's. In fact, I was a huge Gore supporter when he ran against Bush, but was bothered when I received a call similar to this from his campaign. It didn't prevent me from voting for him, but it did give me pause.

I am on ALL the campaign e-mail lists because I like to know what they are up to. And while I have found Obama's to be refreshingly free of that shit for the most part, I have received a few questionable e-mails from his side of the tracks. Nothing this blatant, but stepping just a little over the line.

I am leery of all politicians. The only one who I saw complete honesty from was Kucinich.

Sienna said...

I understand David's reaction, there is some kind of ? human decency switch that gets flicked, quiet, peaceful and loving people spotting the crap and crapsters.

Almost a radar...and something says this is far enough, it stops now.

I had one of these moments over the last 3 days, it involved a man's comment that in not all cases of adult-child sex abuse, the adult, especially if he was male was to be blamed...that is not the exact wording, but exactly his meaning. He meant some female children should be accountable for their actions toward adult males.


He copped it from me, I wanted to tear his throat out, but I went through appropriate channels and reported him and asked he should be banned from the forum and his words be deleted, they de-valued children's (and females) rights and were totally unacceptable. Any context...

He never got banned or his words deleted, it seems to me anyone can say almost anything, but the dangerous thing is, others stand by and say nothing!

Good on David, I am thinking he has given me an idea to run off a transcript from this thread on the forum and write a newspaper piece and fwd to a city paper...

The whole thing has really upset me, the fact that people think children have fault in such heinous crimes and that other people could find excuses for this man's words, because it was overall okay in the context?

I am the one overreacting. Apparently.

It is just so hard to live our world and understand some people sometime 7th Sis!?

Somedays you think, but this is just an impossible task, the world and people finding some balance and just makes my mind boggle.