Monday, April 6, 2009

A Moving Manifestation

It is one of those things that we have dreamed about, concentrated on and worked toward for a long time, at least 2 years. Now that it is happening, things are moving so fast that it seems as thought we have had no warning at all.

Three weeks ago, Stephen's job ended with no severance pay, unemployment benefits or anything. Last week, he went to Santa Fe for a job interview and on Thursday, we found out that he had gotten the job. He has to be at work a week from today. We are busy packing, selling furniture on Craigslist, giving stuff away, seeing friends for the last time in a while........ I an feeling a little over whelmed as I close down my practice and say goodbye to my clients. I don't know what awaits me in the way of work in Santa Fe. I do know that it will take a month or more to get a massage license out there. I am open to finding some other line of work, at least for a while. That would take the pressure off of my healing work and let me just enjoy doing it without worrying about making a living at it. I know that something wonderful awaits me.

It is a little bit hard to leave the community of which we are a part here in Austin but I know that we will always be a part of it and Santa Fe is only a days drive away. I imagine we will be back often to visit and I expect a lot of people to come and visit us.

I had better get back to packing now.....