Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cheer

I heard this yesterday on KPIG. It is twisted and I like it.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Great Way to Look at Life

My friend S., who is not consciously a student of Law Of Attraction, told me this story yesterday. I love it.

S.’s friend, to whom I will refer as Boomer for reasons that will soon become obvious, was stopped for speeding. Boomer is in his 50s. The officer who stopped him was in his 30s and probably young enough to be Boomer’s son. Their conversation went something like this:

Young Officer: “Mind if I search your vehicle?”

Boomer: “Help yourself.”

Young Officer: “Am I going to find anything?”

Boomer: “Probably.”

The officer looked inside the car and, upon finding a small butt of a marijuana cigarette, began to lecture Boomer severely on how much better his life would be if he were not addicted to an illegal substance. Boomer began to get annoyed and started thinking that he wished the kid would just write him a ticket and let him get on with his day. He gazed over the top of his glasses at the officer giving him a look that he hoped was expressing his thoughts.

Maybe it was the look or perhaps the youngster decided that having to listen to a lecture from someone young enough to be his offspring was punishment enough for Boomer’s transgressions. At any rate, he let Boomer off with a warning.

Boomer decided that getting the warning instead of a stiff fine was a sign that he was having a lucky day so he drove straight to the nearest casino, walked up to the first dollar slot machine that he saw and put a buck in it. He won $1500.00.

My friend who told me this story said that if he had been in Boomer’s place, he would have buckled his seat belt tight, driven home at five miles under the speed limit and cleaned out his car. “That’s just how Boomer thinks,” he said.

I think that Boomer decided that he was having a great experience and that he might as well have an even better one. He realized on some level that his vibration was right to attract something wonderful and took inspired action.

Friday, December 5, 2008