Monday, July 18, 2016

June 27, 2016

Random images, Escazu'
Outside the dental clinic

Fabric art in the lobby of the Double Tree Inn

Garden at the dental clinic

Art gallery near our hotel. Putin and Trump in the top row. Pretty sure Sarah Palin is on the bottom right. I don't know who the others are.

Clear view of the mountains on our way to the dentists' office. We only see the mountain tops in the mornings. Clouds move in in the afternoons and it usually rains sometime in the afternoon or evening.

June 24, 2016, Escazu', Costa Rica

We've had several inquires regarding our experience with dental work here in Costa Rica. We are using Colina Dental in Ecazu, a suburb of San Jose. We have been very pleased with the services we are getting. One expat told us that we could have gotten at least some of it done for a much lower price but I doubt the dentist she was talking about does implants and that is what Stephen got. Stephen met another person who told him that our clinic is one of the best because they give you a price up front and it doesn't change. It seems that some off them quote a price them start adding on fees once your procedures are underway. Also, the clinic has its own lab and than makes things easier and quicker on everyone. My teeth were in pretty bad shape after years of drinking Dr. Pepper all day and not being able to keep up with regular dental visits then having chemo/radiation and other treatments and complications. I got 6 crowns and several other fillings. The cost for my work was $3100 and Stephens will end up being around $24,000. As a comparison, a place in Austin wanted $45K to do less than he's getting done 8 years ago. I am sure the work I got would have been between $8 & $10K back home.
We are staying in a Residence Inn about 4 to 15 minutes away from the clinic in a very safe area that reminds me of a smaller version of Austin's Domain. There is a hospital here so I think there may be a lot of medical tourists here. You can book online and get a pretty good deal.
There are some things that have been more difficult than they could have been. We have had to ask a lot of questions about scheduling and it has still been a little confusing. I wasn't told how many visits I'd need or how long it would take. Stephen was left unaware that he needed to come in a day before his procedure to get some stuff done about fixing his temporary bridge. Also, they don't really give you any prescription pain meds and Stephen has needed some. Luckily, I brought some that I had for the pain in my feet after the cancer treatments. I don't have to take it very often any more and it was good that we brought it with us. I'd advise you to try and get something strong before you leave home if possible.
We will have to come back in November to get Stephen's permanent bridges and I may opt to have my teeth whitened at the time. 
When it's all said and done, our experience here has been very positive. I highly recommend coming here if you need extensive dental work.

We are using Colonia Dental


June 21, 2016
San Jose', Costa Rica sits in a valley surrounded by mountains. It may be a huge caldera for all I know. We are in a hotel in an area that reminds me of a smaller version of Austin's Domain. We don't have much of a view from here but right now I can see lights on the mountain between 2 tall buildings. It looks like a Christmas tree is you just glance at it. It rained here all afternoon after a cloudy morning. Tomorrow Stephen gets his implants and I have another appointment as well. We think he will be finished but that I'll have to go one more time.

June 18, 2016, Escazu'
Thank you, St. Anthony, patron saint of lost objects. I've been losing things lately. I left my sacral cushion in the airport in Houston. Missed it as soon as I sat down on the plane but it was too late to go back and get it. Today I left my little green pillow that I have used for everything for the past year and a half in one of the hotel lobbies. Luckily, housekeeping found it and brought it to me after I had asked about it at the front desk. Again, I missed it within minutes but it wasn't where I thought I had left it. Since we're going to be here for 6 days, we unpacked our suitcases and put our things away. In doing so, I missed one of my Ryan Michaels shirts. Thinking back, I thought I must have left it in the cafe of the hotel we left last Thursday. I had put it on over a tank top and then decided I was too hot and taken it off. I called the hotel and asked about it. A while later, I got an email from the person I spoke with. They found it. Since we are still in the area, we can get it tomorrow! I also left my Guy Clark shirt in my car in Houston. I would have been using it the last couple of days but at least I know where it is. I also have another sacral cushion in the car so at least I'm not out anything that I need all of the time. It would be nice to have that cushion to use in our rental car
June 14, 2106

Waiting for the numbness to go away in my bottom lip so that we can order dinner. Found good dentists and the work for both of us will be less than half of what it would have cost back home. We will stay here most of the summer and still not spend what just the dental work would have cost in the US.
June 12, 2016

If you are ever in Brasilito

                                       Red snapper that had been swimming a few hours earlier. 
                                        Too good! Note the fries and rice on the same plate.

                                          La Casita del Pescado, The fish house in Brasilito where
                                   we at the snapper.  Best meal in Costa Rica so far.

                                          Stephen enjoying himself on the beach

                                              Beach at Brasilito.

Brasilito is a small, kind of run down looking town in Guanacaste .  There is a small square with buildings on 3 sides. One side has souvenir shops and a soda* or two.  The other side has a bar.  if you drive between them and keep going straight for a few feet, the road turns and there are a couple of restaurants and a hotel along the beach.   There seem to always be a guy offering horse back rides.  We come here from Sugar Beach.  There is an even smaller town in between called Potrero.  We usually stop there at a super** for drinks and snacks.

 A soda is a small cafe that is sometimes attached to someone's home.  They serve traditional Costa Rican food at low prices.

A super is a grocery store.  There are also mini supers and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.