Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What I Saw

Stephen and I have been thinking about clearing out of Austin. We love the town and all our friends here. Howver, Austin has gotten to be a much bigger place than either of us is comfortable living in. It would be different if we could live a half an hour out of town and be able to be in the country or if we could drive for a half an hour and be out of town. As it is, it takes at least twenty minutes to get downtown or anywhere else we want to go from out place in the south part of town.

One of the reasons for my trip to Santa Fe was to check it out as a possible place to live. It is about the right sized town. You can pretty much get or do anything you want or need there. The climate is nice. It may get a little colder than I like in winter but the mild summers make up for that. The best part is that you can be anywhere in town in about fifteen minutes. I am sure that it takes a little bit longer during peak traffic times but not nearly as long as it takes here. You can be fifteen or twenty minutes out of town and be in the country, beautiful country at that.

One of the areas that we have been thinking about is Pecos. My friend and I drove down there and the first thing we saw there was a horse that was out and eating grass right in the entrance to the village. That has to be a good sign.

I did not make very many pictures. Here are a few on the Pecos River near its head waters.

Sound track for this post: Jerry Jeff' Walker's Leavin' Texas


The Minstrel Boy said...

the way that austin is now i would be playing guy clark's "l.a. freeway" (the jerry jeff version of course)

Little Wing said...

beautiful pictures!!!!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

How very beautiful. And yes, a horse is always a good sign, no question.

Will we have to call you Pecos Jackie and Pecos Stephen if you move there? Pete might get angry.

seventh sister said...

Good point, MB. Maybe Guy or JJ will come up with a good song for what Austin is becoming.

Thanks, LW

I think Pet and Bill have cornered that name for themselves.

Angela said...

Beautiful photos. My understanding of Santa Fe is that it's tough during festivals, but I really thought it was a beautiful place. Watch out for the back roads. :)

seventh sister said...

Hey Angela, It is the backroads that attract me the most. I drive sown every one of them that I get the chance to travel.

M said...

I love Santa Fe!! Good luck. Hope you find a new home that makes you happy.

M said...

I love Santa Fe!! Good luck. Hope you find a new home that makes you happy.