Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lani's Friend

I have no idea how people can do it. I'm talking about disposing of animals as if they were garbage.

A friend of ours just got a Dobie Fellowship. This means that she gets to live in J. Frank Dobie's house out on his ranch. The ranch is on the outskirts of Austin on the end of a gravel road. There are houses and other businesses on the road but it dead ends at the entrance to the ranch. When our friend and her husband arrived at the ranch, there was a dog hanging around the gate. No one had been living at the ranch for a few weeks at least. This means that the only people to go there were the grounds keepers who go out once a month to check on things and mow the grass. Our friends left for a few hours. The dog was still there when they returned. It was obvious that someone had dropped him out there because they no longer wanted him. After putting up signs, posting on craigslist and contacting the local shelter to see if anyone was looking for him, they decided to adopt him. They call him Punkin' because of his color.

They had a few obligations to attend to so Punkin' is visiting with Lani for a few days.

I ask you, how could anyone discard this sweet six month old boy?


Angela said...

I'm just so glad to hear that they found him. Poor babe. Thank you so much, also, for your comment about Caesar and his spirit. I'm almost afraid to ask for fear that he'd come and I wouldn't be able to keep him. But I think I've already asked in my heart anyway. Thank you, most sincerely.

The Minstrel Boy said...

yeah, i've given up trying to fathom the casual cruelty that humans are capable of, especially when it comes to animals. i glad they found him. i had a sweet 1 1/2 year old golden with me over the weekend (golden rescue uses me as a stopgap foster joint while they scramble for for permanent homes)

this was a neglect/abuse case and once he had gotten past the fearfully cringing phase (about 18 hours) he was glued by the neck to my knee.

a lot of folks won't bother to turn a dog over to the various breed rescues, or, they won't turn it into the shelter to be put down. they think that they are giving a dog "a fighting chance" by releasing it in the wild or simply leaving it to fend for itself.


seventh sister said...

Ceasar will show up again when you are ready to accept him. He may not be in the same form but you will know him when you see him. In the meantime, if your are interested, go the Abraham-Hicks website and order their Secret Life of Pets cd. I think it will help.

I am glad that you are helping rescue goldens. I hope the organization there is better than the one here. I am not sure the people here have the best interest of the dogs at heart. They seem to be more interested in the control they have through doling the animals out to people who are genuinely wanting to care for them. It can take a year or more to get a dog from them, meanwhile they have to turn down intakes because they don't have room for them. we decided that we did not want to give power over something as meaningful as a dog companion to them and started looking other places. I found Lani at a high kill shelter. She would not have been rescued by the organization because she is a golden mix. It all worked out for the best. She is 'our dog' and I knew it the minute I laid eyes on her.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I cannot abide people who abandon or otherwise abuse animals. Over the years, I adopted many of my best friends who came to me in that way: three ponies, a wolf, a fox, and many dogs and cats.

The worst part about living in an apartment is that I can no longer do that, so we'll have to make a change when we can.

And yes, Punkin is just beautiful, as is your little girl. I'm so glad your friends were able to become his new family. Thanks for sharing this heart warming story.

MsLittlePea said...

That's sad. My brother actually found a dog in the GARBAGE. Someone decided to put a beautiful and friendly husky in a dumpster. He had so many cuts on his paws, we named him Boo(boo). It infuriates me how people treat animals....

He is a handsome boy.

The Minstrel Boy said...

the genesis of my passel of barncats was found in a dumpster. i was out behind the local grocery store picking up the produce trimmings the guys there used to put out for me to give to my horses and i heard from inside the dumpster a faint mewing. . .i scooped up this little grey tabby and took her home. called her "basurita" (little trash in spanish)

i sometimes get a little testy with the rescue people. for a lot of the same reasons you stated. but, through them, i've also been able to get adoption fees waived, and other concessions for placing rescued goldens in places like sober living homes for folks in early recovery. i'm trying to hook them up with the local VA for the same reason. placing goldens with returning vets who want companionship and aren't real sure if people are a good source for it.

Angela said...

Thanks SS. Six puppies showed up in my e-mail box today, strangely, and not-so-strangely enough. My husband said, "No," as I knew he would, which is why I am having a bit of trouble. I suppose that some dreams have to be lost to others . . . . it's hard to let them go, though. Thanks again for your encouragement. I had to come and let you know that puppies came about six hours after I asked. The universe loves me, I tell you. I'm sending good thoughts their way for homes and waiting for my turn at that kind of love again. Someday.

Little Wing said...

That puppy is absolutely beautiful!
So glad he has a home!!

Catherine said...

Oh....sweet puppy...

I came here via your comment on Thailand Chani's "Heaven or Reincarnation" post. The question and comments so fascinated me that I wrote a post about it. I'd love your feedback - you can find it here

Nice to "meet" you. :)