Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blame It on the Stars...or Planets

Is anyone else experiencing weirdness the past couple of weeks? Things have been pretty weird around here and I found out a few days ago that Mercury may be the problem. It seems that the combined movement of Earth and Mercury around the sun make it appear that Mercury is moving backwards. This is known as retrograde and, according to astrologists, it can have a negative effect on communication, mechanical things and new projects.
I have experienced no shows, clients forgetting appointments, concierges thinking I said yes to a session when I had emphatically said no. I have also sent emails to several people from whom I have not received a reply. This is a little unusual, to say the least.

Mercury goes into retrograde about three times each year and stays there for three weeks. This time it began on October 12 and will not go direct until November 1.

Until then, we can blame all our screw ups on the Red Planet. After that, we are on our own.
Soundtrack for this post: The Age of Aquarius by the Fifth Dimension.
This site also has lots of info on Mercury in Retrograde.


thailandchani said...

Oh, yes! I have found it to be very troublesome this time! Communication screw-ups.... missed connections.. all that. And then some. :)

Anonymous said...

I have experienced standing in front of an open refrigerator door and not knowing what I'm looking for.

Anonymous said...

Have no fear mr Cat will be back.:)