Monday, October 29, 2007

Much, Much Too Early

Going downtown yesterday morning, I took a different route than my usual one. I usually take a 'surface' street and avoid I35 which is just as likely to be a parking lot as a freeway. However, on weekend mornings, it is usually not crowded and I can get downtown in fifteen minutes rather than thirty.

Entering downtown from the interstate means that I hit the east end of 6th Street and drive it toward Brazos hoping to find parking in the block just east of Brazos and avoid valeting my car.

As I turned on to 6th yesterday, I thought I might be hallucinating. Could that really be Christmas decorations hanging over the street? It is not even Halloween yet! I know that retailers have had some Christmas stuff up since August but why on Earth has the city decided to hang green tinsel and guitars over the street so early? There is a big Halloween party down on 6th every year. The street is closed off to vehicular traffic and the crown gets so thick that all one can do is make a circle up one way and back the other. It is going to look bizarre with Christmas overhead.

In the past, the city has hung the decorations the Sunday after of before Thanksgiving. I think someone has lost his/her mind.

It is sooo trashy the only soundtrack for this post has to be: Robert Earl Keen, Merry Christmas from the Family and its sequel, Happy Holiday, Ya'll.


wisdomstuff said...

I hate Christmas and hate looking at the decorations already. Bahhumbug!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I am disgusted that commercial greed moves the holidays up earlier every year. It used to be that the various holidays followed in a logical progression, but now Christmas starts showing up right after the 4th of July.

seventh sister said...

I don't hate it. I just think that it is weird. It is also confusing because all the holidays blur together is a big ol' holiday soup. I guess we will have the Nightmare Before Christmas' downtown.

Anonymous said...

Oh that must mean people will start thinking about the birth of baby Jesus sooner...right?