Tuesday, May 22, 2007

For Deniece

We drove down to San Antonio today to look at cars for Stephen. As we approached New Braunfuls, I saw the sign for Conrads Lane. Instinctively, I searched the hills to the right in search of that glimpse of the old house. Then I remembered that it is gone. Then I remembered that you are gone, too. The house moved down the road somewhere and you moved on to some other realm. I promised you that you will be with us anytime we are all together and I hope you know that you are.

We will all be together at the festival this weekend and I will be looking for you. When Lynn has a pain in his neck (or lower), I know that it will be you nagging him to take better care of himself. When Gina gets upset about the kitchen not being taken care of, I know that you will be cheering her on. When someone remarks that she doesn't have to do everything that she does, you will be there agreeing with them.

When we are sitting on Richard's river bank, you will be there listening to all the music and gossip. When the hammock dumps someone in the river, I'll wonder if you had a hand in that.

You will be with us at the campfires, sitting in the shadows. You will be there when the tequila is opened and passed around. I'd offer to drink your share but you know what a light weight I am when it comes to booze. Maybe I'll eat your share of the cheese cake if we have any.

I'll look for you late at night after the main stage shuts down. "Meet me in the meadow".