Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dress for Success?

I used to know how to dress for job interviews. You put on a suit or a nice dress with pantie hose and pumps and you were all set. Today, you dress in business casual attire for most interviews and I am never sure what that means. The main problem, is neither does anybody else. I just spent three hours shopping for something to wear to an interview tomorrow. All I bought was a green button up shirt with a collar and a scarf that I picked up just because I liked it. The job is as a massage therapist at a spa/salon. If I were going to work on someone, I'd know just how to pants and a nice T shirt. However, I am not going to be working on anyone unless the person I talk with likes me enough to call me back for a second interview. Spas are places where appearances matter a lot. I can't look too casual or too dressed up for the job. I'll most likely wear the new shirt over black pants and maybe I'll figure out a way to drape the scarf over my shoulders or someplace (it's really long so I am not sure that I can carry it off.) At least I have a pair of green shoes that pretty much match the shirt. I'll just be glad when the interview is over.


Lulu (Dan's cat) said...

It must be tough being one of those silly humans. I don't even wear a collar so I don't have to worry about such decisions. In fact, I don't even have to work. I do lots of stuff at home, like patroling for mice and watching the Spanish-speaking landscapers cut the grass. And I nap most of the day.

You should become a cat like me.


seventh sister said...

I have never thought of becoming a cat. I don'tlike mice much but climbing trees and napping a lot sounds pretty good.

Taexalia said...

Hope it went well for you!

seventh sister said...

Thanks. It went very well. I put the scarf on with the green shirt and received a compliment from the person who interviewed me. I am going back on Monday to give someone there a massage. I am sure that they will want me to come to work there. I have a really good resume that I had a professional fine tune for me so it makes a good impressioin. The job is only Mondays and Saturdays which is wonderful. That means I will have the rest of the week to continue working at the hotels and on my private practice.

I went to get myu hair cut this morning before my interview ane my good friend and stylist told me that they needed me a lotmore than I needed them. Other wise, they wouldl not have been advertising on craigslist. She was right. They had someone quit suddenly and now they really need to get a new therapist in a hurry.

MsLittlePea said...

I wanted to leave a word of encouragemenr then I read your comment there. Glad things went well. I would have hired you just for the fact that you owned a pair of green shoes! Good luck on your massage Monday.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Good luck tomorrow! You'll knock 'em dead. Well, not DEAD dead. You know.

If they advertised on Craig's List, I agree that they are desperate. Since you are YOU, ie incredibly wonderful and all that, this should give you an added advantage salary-wise.

Kick ass, kiddo. It's also a great place to pick up private clients, I would think, unless there are strict rules against it.

seventh sister said...

Hey Heart,
there are usually rules about picking up private clients alhough I have done it when I wasn't being treated well by management. I don't think that will be a problem at this place, though.


Thanks for the encouragement.