Friday, December 29, 2006

The W list...not that W

I got this list from Jana B's blog, Jana's Journey, and added a couple of my favorites to it.

Tammy over at Women, Art, Life: Weaving It All Together had the idea of making a meme list of blogs "by women for women." So if you want to participate, here's what you do. Copy and paste all of the links I have here onto your blog post, and add the blogs you want onto the top. (Along with instructions for other people to do the same lol) I'll be putting blogs on here that I haven't linked in a while.
Women, Art, Life
California Fever
Gobulous Hottie Bloggers
Wings of the Morning
Tuff Toe-Nail
Be Alive, Believe, Be You
The Viral Garden
Looking Beyond the Cracked Window
Aphra Behn - Danger of eClectic shock
The New Charm School
Creative Every Day
Methaphor Bling
Simply Wait
Jana's Journey
Tinker Art
Art In the Garage
Thick Paint
MollyGordon Authentic Promotion
Christine Kane
Guilty with an Explanation


tammy vitale said...

Thanks for forwarding on the W List (and I hadn't thought of the "other" W when I named it that! In fact, it took me a minute to think through "not that W." =]. I'll be keeping up with you in the future...have you looked at Obama? (I could go for an Obama Edwards ticket....)

seventh sister said...

glad to pass the list on.
Yeah, I've listened to Obama, but he does not have Edwards' depth and I don't think he could be elected this time around. I'd go for and Edwards/Obama ticket, though. That could actually happen but it is really to early to say.

Aphra Behn said...

Thank you so much for inlcuding a link to my blog in this, and for making it so easy to find good blogs to read.

Just a teansy point: it is eClectic shock, not eLectRic shock. "Aphra Behn - danger of eclectic shock". I've a bad weakness for bad puns, and that is one of them.

Once again, many thanks, I'll enjoy taking a tour of the other blogs you list.


seventh sister said...

Thanks for stopping by. I made the correction to the spelling but I had copied and pasted the list from another blog so the mispelling is out there in the ether now. I agree that teh best thing about the lists is that they make it easy to find other blogs of interest.