Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Antidote

In my last post, I wrote about the effect that BigBox retail is having on our communities and the world at large. It is easy to gripe and complain about what someone else is doing to us, to our way of life, to the environment. They are always up to something. One of my favorite quotes is from Walt Kelly’s Pogo who said, “I have seen the enemy and he is us.” In other words, there is no they. We are all creators of our world and we all play a part in whatever happens to it.

How, then, do we change the things we don’t relish? It is hard to even know where to begin. It is very easy to feel so discouraged that we just give up and don’t try to do anything at all to facilitate change. I think the best thing to do is to be conscious of each choice we make, whether it is paying cash or paying attention.

One of my favorite thinkers and authors on the world situation and how each of us can make a difference in it is John Perkins. His book Confessions of an Economic Hitman is a must read. It has spent 59 weeks on the New York Times best seller list. He is the founder of the Dream Change Coalition, an organization that came into being after John was told by a South American shaman that the world is how we dream it and that having dreamed up a nightmare, we must now change the dream. I encourage everyone to visit and learn more about what we can do to change the dream.


Top cat said...

I think one way to promote change is through more people doing little things instead of a few people trying to do a lot.

I think it's important to support 3rd Party and Independent candidates in elections but I'm afraid the Big Two will continue to dominate people's consciousness as well as lock out the competition.

I really enjoy your blog and your posts, thanks for stopping by so I could find it.:)

seventh sister said...

I agree. HOwever, you have to be careful when supporting 3rd party candidates. We still have a Repuclican govenor who did not get a majority of votes because we had 2 independents in the race. The indys took votes away from the Democrat. The Democrat was very lack luster and one of the indys took most of his financial backing as well. She did the state a big disservice in my opinion.

Top cat said...

I should clarify my comment regarding 3rd party candidates.
I'm not implying to vote for 3rd party people just for the sake of it but to vote for the best candidate, whatever party they may be affiliated with.

G-Man said...

Seventh Sister, Thanks for commenting on my primitive little blog you are always welcome.

When we were young and idealistic, We all hoped that we could make a difference and change the world. Then as you get older, you lose that focus, and just become obsessed with protecting your family and possessions. It's refreshing to see someone retains a glimmer of hope that they still count.

Have a Merry Christmas.

tammy vitale said...

came over from Taexalia's W List - love that "we have dreamed up a nightmare and now we must fix it." Yes. And again, yes.

and you know what I think about "fixing?" I think if we do the work of finding out who we are and what we are truely to be about, that does the fixing - we weave our intersection of the web strong and true and it affects all the other lines and crossings.

seventh sister said...

Thanks for stopping by. I agree that knowing who we are and what we are about is the best way to start anything. Pema Chodran says you have to start where you are and knowing where that is is essential.