Sunday, December 3, 2006

Just when the catapillar thought its life was over....

it turned into a butterfly.

In one of my favorite books, Letters to a Young Poet, Ranier Maria Rilke describes our fears as dragons guarding our most perfect treasures. The dragons are waiting for us to become our shining selves by [Photo]confronting and overcoming our fears so that they may experience true joy and turn into princesses.

Fear has a negative connotation for most of us. I tend to view it as a protector and a powerful messenger. It protects us from situations that could cause harm to us and to those around us in fundamental ways. We fear getting too close to a flame because it burns. Anything that we fear has something to tell us, so I try to look closely at things that scare me. I’m not talking about scary movies. I ‘m referring to self-limiting ideas that manifest as fear. We all have them. They are usually so ingrained that we don’t even realize them until someone points them out to us. A friend will say “why don’t you…..” and we say “because……” Whatever follows “because” is the name of the dragon. The best friends I have had throughout the years are the ones who refuse to let me feed the dragons by making excuses for myself or for anyone else in my life. I am more grateful than I can express for the presence of these friends in my life.

I have become aware of many dragons in my life. Some have become beautiful princesses and others are still around breathing fire and waiting for me to shine for them. I look at each one to see if it will reveal its message to me. Sometimes I get the message and sometimes I don't. Good thing I have had mostly patient dragons.

I was introduced to Rilke by
Ray Wylie Hubbard in his song, The Messenger. Thanks, Ray.
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heartinsanfrancisco said...

I have always loved dragons, mainly for themselves but also for what they represent.

What the caterpillar calls death is birth to the butterfly.

Top cat said...

a wonderful, thoughtful look into how fear can be a protective emotion or an inhibiting one.
A positive look into peeling away the layers which confine our soul.