Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ch Ch Ch Changes

As I write this I am listening to John Edwards speaking from Iowa. I agree with so much of what he says. He is speaking of each of us taking responsibility for where we are and what we as individuals and as a country can do to facilitate positive changes in our world. I have been waiting for some time for him to announce his candidacy for president. A few days ago, the following email was forwarded to me. I am posting it here so that anyone who sees it can take whatever action he/she wishes:

For the past two years, we've worked together to build an America
that lives up to its promise -- one where we all share in prosperity
at home and one that shows real moral leadership around the world.
I'm proud of our successes fighting poverty, supporting working
families, and standing up for what we believe.
Now, we have a big decision to make -- and I do mean we.
I'm getting ready to take this effort to the next level - to bring
Americans together in all fifty states to tackle the big challenges
facing our country, from poverty and lack of health care, to energy
and global warming.
But this is our effort, and we can only succeed if we're all in it
together. So before I make a final decision, I need to hear from you:
Are you ready?
If you're ready to take this to the next level, and launch a renewed
national effort to change America, send me a note and let me know:
If you have friends or family who share this vision, I want to hear
from them too. Please forward this on to anyone you know who might
want to join this big new effort.
I believe we can run a totally new kind of endeavor -- one that puts
our ideals into action, and puts the hopes and dreams of the American
people above the personal ambition and play-it-safe strategy of
traditional politics.
I can't promise you where this will ultimately lead. But I can
promise you this: if you're on board, we'll launch a renewed
commitment to change our country from the bottom up. We'll always
speak from the heart. And together, we'll reach out to millions of
people to let them know it's still okay to dream big dreams, and do
everything we can to make them real --because that's what America is
all about.
So the only question is: Are you ready?
If you want to take this effort to next level, send me an e-mail and
let me know:
Stay tuned: I'll let you know what we decide early next week.
Happy holidays, and may it be a bright new year for all.
Your friend,
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