Friday, July 18, 2008

We Can Make a Difference!!!!!

Go over to Life At Star's Rest for an update on the situation regarding the wild horses that the BLM wants to kill. It seems that things are looking up and the BLM may be held accountable for some of its actions.


Ghost Dansing said...


Sienna said...

It does sound more hopeful, I had this really weird and awful dream last night, involving horses and guns and fear, I think I was one of the horses.

I was so glad to wake up, but it is a dreadful feeling, running for your life.

Your oak trees are magical, so beautiful, that would be a favorite place of mine, I just love that picture.


Sienna said...

Duh, me! I am still shaking off the dream, but yes, we did have a few mm of rain over the last week, bits and pieces, it has so beautiful, and has literally saved (some) crops..freshened up stockfeed, the horses go nuts after a bit of rain, all playful and excited, more is forecast too.

It's something!


The Minstrel Boy said...

they are having a blm adoption fest outside of san diego today.

40 mustangs and 15 burros from the cleveland national forest.

i'd go, but i'd end up coming home with some of them.

i loves me some mustangs.