Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Updates and Shameless Self Promotion

Update #1: Last fall I wrote about Lani's obsession with the hole formed at the bottom of two trees that have grown together in our back yard. She would bolt out of the back door and run to the back side of the trees and poke her nose into the hole the run around to the front side and do the same thing. We could see nothing in the hole and could find no reason for her obsessive behavior. After a while, we did notice some twigs that had been dragged into the hole by something but we still don't know what. Then a few nights ago, we were sitting on the patio when I was sure I saw something on the tree trunk near the hole. We got a flash light and saw that it was a frog or toad of some kind. We still don't know how the twigs got in there.

Update #2: The verdict is still out on my laundry soap. It seems to leave a slight build up on the clothes after a while and it may not be taking oily stains out of fabric as well as I would like. I am still using it most of the time but I wash things in Seventh Generation liquid detergent about once a month. This is OK with me as it still means that I don't have to buy a plastic bottle very often. I will most likely have to buy one about every six or eight months at this rate.

Update # 3: I am loving the home made shower cleaner. The shower is cleaner than it ever was with the stuff I bought and because it is so cheap and easy to make, I use as much as I want. It also has very little scent but I am being careful not to breathe it because of the borax in it.

Now for the shameless self promotion: I have started writing at Associated Content. Please click here to read my published articles and subscribe to my page if you feel like it. That way, you will get notified when I publish and I might actually get paid a little bit if enough people read/sign up.

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