Saturday, February 2, 2008

B A D Day for Bloggers

According to Konagod, tomorrow is Bloggroll Amnesty Day. This was apparently started by Jon Swift who dreamed it up as a way to share blog traffic with each other by highlighting blogs that don't get as much traffic as yours and adding them to your bloggroll. After careful consideration, I have decided that, even though she has been on my bloggroll quite a while, I'd like to encourage folks to stop by and check out Goldendaze Ginnie. She is a senior citizen who writes both comtempary posts as well as posts which tell us a lot about the midcentury time period. I'd also like to highlight Don't Make Me Get My Flying Monkees. Check these blogs out. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


skippy said...

thanks, sister!

Ginnie said...

Thanks ... I love the blogging world and it's fun to attract new viewers and see what they have to offer.

M.Yu said...

Found you through the goodness that is BAD.
I am a veteran bodyworker, acupuncturist (semi-retired) and now a general no-account bum living here in Austin
You have been linked!