Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thirteen Goofy Signs

1. The sign on the lawn of a local church recently read:
Stomp the Devil

2. Another church sign: Jesus is your only life insurance.
(Does he work for Allstate? Prudential?????)

3. Yet another church: Eternity:Smoking or Non-smoking?

4. Another: Give Satan an inch and he'll be a ruler.

5. Yet another: Stop, Drop, and Roll doesn't work in hell.
(How does anyone know?)

6. Another church:Forbidden Fruit Creates Many Jams

7. Common on several church signs that I have seen:Join us for a new beginning
(Can one have an old beginning?)

8. On a plumber's truck: We'll get you out of a jam

9. On a porta-potty truck: Austin Outhouse
(This one is not really so goofy but it pains those of us who have been here long enough to
remember a really cool club by the same name.)

10. Hair salon: Mane Event

11. Another hair salon: Scizzors of Oz

12. Anther hair salon: The Greatful Head
(This could also be on a porta-pot is any one ever thought about it.)

13. A steakhouse that is now long gone: A Raw Deal

Just thought of the perfect soundtrack for this post: Berkley Hart's 911 Jesus


Mc Vickers said...

nice blog.

Angela said...

Those are great!

Christine said...

these are crazy funny! especially #6.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I like "forbidden fruit creates many jams."

No. 3 could create problems in your household, no? Are there visiting privileges between the two Eternities?

There's a Mane Event in San Diego, too. Maybe it's a chain event.

Tanya Brown said...

Nice list.

For whatever reason, smart alec church signs and the attitudes behind them hit me all wrong. However, if one enjoys that genre, there are books out on the topic, some of which are used by pastors to find just the right turn of phrase for their particular sign.

seventh sister said...

Glad you like it, mc.

Thanks, Angela

Yep, #6 is funny, christine

Yeah, Heart, but I'm sure we will work something out when the time comes

You're right, tanya

BTW, I just added the perfect soundtrack song. Check it out.