Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lani's Obsession

At first glance, it appears that there is a red oak tree two feet off out patio. A closer look reveals two trees that have become one, their roots intertwined and their trunks wrapped together never to be separated.

It has provided wonderful shade for us this summer and our electric bills have been low . It also provides homes for squirrels, toads, snails and fairies.

The fairies have lived high in the branches during the summer sheltered by thick leaves. As the days have grown shorter, the leaves have begun to fall affording less cover for the fairies. They have been slowly moving down to their winter home at the base of the tree and under its roots. Lani is keeping a sharp eye on their movements through the space at the bottom where the trees have stayed just far enough apart to remind themselves of their individuality.

I think the fairies have enchanted her because she cannot stay away from the trees. She is so obsessed that she can hardly stay indoors long enough to eat. As soon as we open the door for her, she races around the trees to look into the hole from the other side then creeps back around to look in from the side nearest the house. She will chase the squirrels who are feasting on the bumper crop of acorns but always comes back to the patio where she lies on the concrete and stares at the gap between the trees. We have peered into the gap many times and can see nothing. However, if I listen closely, I can sometimes here the faint flutter of tiny wings.

Soundtrack for this post: Into the Mystic, Van Morrison


MsLittlePea said...

I think I may be enchanted too.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting tree and how lucky to have it in your yard! My kids used to write to fairies and leave their notes under an enchanted tree in our yard, then we moved. No more enchanted trees or fairies. Just plain ole ordinary ones here.

seventh sister said...

LP, I don't know about enchanted but you certainly seem to be enchanting

Pool. Too b ad you had to leave your trees and fairies behind. I don't think there are any ordinary trees. You probably just are not in tune with the Dryads in them.

Angela said...

I love Lani. And those trees -- so romantic.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Definitely fairies. They used to sleep under my pillow at night when I was little and my dog, who also slept on my bed, knew they were there, too.

If you ever move, you'll have to take Lani's tree with you, you know.