Thursday, May 22, 2008

Summer Storm

KRASH/BOOM!!!! A ball of blinding white light appears in the bedroom with us.

"Holy shit! What's going on?" The bed shakes as he bounds into a sitting position upon being abruptly yanked back into his body from his dream state.

"I think it's lightning". I'm jolted back,too and I am not sure of anything just yet.

"At the stroke of 1:00," he says as he settles back onto the bed.

"My clock says 5:00."

We stopped using elecetric alarm clocks long ago and each of us has a battery operated one on our night stand. They double as night lights when we need them. His has stopped and mine is fine.

Fast forward to 7:30. I hear him going all through the house opening closets and knocking around. He turns on the light in my closet. What is he doing?

"What are you looking for," I ask?

"Do you know where the breakers are?"

"Yeah, they're outside on this wall."



I'm getting up now but he goes out to find them. It seems that the strike flipped 2 breakers, knocked out all our cable, phone and internet service, and messed with his alarm clock and a similar one on his desk in another room. (Mine was between the two others.)

Too much excitement for 5:00am.

We are grateful that no acutal harm was done.

Soundtrack for this post: Chi Coltrane, Thunder and Lightning


heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm just glad you weren't hurt.

konagod said...

I wrote such a long comment about this post that I finally decided to just write a post myself. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

(It's not done yet... will be up sometime this afternoon.)

Angela said...

Glad to know that you are both, okay. Frightening stuff, that!