Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gravity Always Wins

Ever have one of those days when gravity is stronger than usual? I'm pretty sure that was the case last Tuesday.

Of course, I didn't realize it at first. I didn't realize it when I bumped the toe of my sandal on the door frame as I was leaving the house. I didn't realize it when Lani had to make a second attempt to jump up into the car.

Parking in our usual place at Mary Moore Seawright Park, I noticed a couple getting out of a car near us and unloading a dog from the back. Since other dogs tend to excite Lani, I decided to give them a wide berth as I headed for the bag dispenser. After grabbing a bag, I noticed that the woman had the dog at the entrance to the pathway we usually take. I cut across behind the trash cans where there really isn't a trail. I was doing fine until a cedar stump jumped up and hit the toe of my sandal. I dropped Lani's leash as I stumbled forward in an attempt to regain my balance but, a gravity was stronger than usual that day, I was unable to stay off the ground. I landed on the paved trail with Lani looking as me as if to say,"What are you doing? This is so embarrassing."

From about fifteen yards away, the woman with the other dog yelled, "Are you OK?"

"I think so," I called back, sitting up and taking stock of the stinging sensations in my legs and hands as I reached for Lani's leash.

"Are you sure you're all right?" came the reply.

" Yeah, I'm just taking my time getting up right," I say.

Then she yells, "I'm wearing the same kind of shoes. Do you think I'll fall,too?"

I choked back a laugh and the urge to tell her that she would surely fall and to get back in her car right now. Instead I just told her she would be fine and went on down the trail.

Soundtrack for this post courtesy of Lime who comments..."ok, i'm singing the john mayer song now...gravity, wants to bring me down...


lime said...

ok, i'm singing the john mayer song now...gravity, wants to bring me down....

Brave Sir Robin said...

"The gravity is stronger today"

That sound like the opening line of a poem. (or a science fiction story, I cant decide which).

Only 6 more days until I'm in your fair city, I ope the gravity is under control by then.