Saturday, March 15, 2008

Inside the Wild Rumpus

I had to work downtown today from 10:00 till 2:00 so I took my camera and walked around a little bit.
View of 6th Street looking east from Brazos Street at 2:30pm

A poster glued onto the sidewalk

Everybody gets to be the best at something.

I didn't know beer trucks this long existed.

No showcase, no problem. Just park your truck, hang your sign, plug in and start playing.

Since I was down town with my camera, I decided to take some photos of the hotel where I work.

Stained glass light fixture in the lobby

Part of the mural in the Chisholm Trail Room. It wraps completely around the top third of the room. The wooded panels were made from the hotel's original headboards circa 1886.

Soundtrack for this post: Butch Hancock's Standing at the Big Hotel


heartinsanfrancisco said...

Thank you for the photo tour of Austin!

It looks like a fun place and clearly has the longest beer truck on the planet.

Christine said...

everyone is wearing shorts! i am so jealous i can't even tell you. right now i am in flannel pjs and it is in the mid twenties! ugg.

Running on empty

konagod said...

Did they close 6th Street to traffic during SXSW?

Obviously I haven't been downtown or out much at all during the festivities. :-)

seventh sister said...

It is a fun place and we are always glad when South By is over and we have it back to ourselves again.

It was over 90 degrees on Friday and was in the high 80s Saturday afternoon when I made these photos. It almost always does this in March but we haven't had our "Easter spell' yet. This is when the weather turns cold again for a few days around Easter. It usually happens during South By but with Easter coming early this year and spring break early, the hordes got a break. At least you don't have extreme heat until November like we did last year.

Yes, I think 6th Street was closed all day Saturday and was closed as early as possible on Friday. I had to go down there (corner of 6th and Brazos) both days but I don't recall about Friday evening but I was headed the other way so I did not notice.

seventh sister said...

6th will be closed again tonight for St. Paddy's day. I will NOT go down there tonight.

konagod said...

we haven't had our "Easter spell' yet.

Ugh. Do not speak such evil. I'm ready to plant a garden.

Say It said...

Of all things Texas, Austin certainly has a particular flair. I really really really miss Rudy's BBQ. These pictures bring back a ton of good food memories. I'm guessing its the Best Wurst sign. :)

MsLittlePea said...

Pretty stained glass.

seventh sister said...

Most of us who leave Austin miss the brakfast tacos the most...hehe

I have no way of showing the scale of the stained glass light fixture. It must be at least 8 feet across and it is beautiful. There is a similar one in the bar area that is a littlel smaller an is inverted.

lime said...

oh thanks for taking us along!
i just love the sign for the best wurst. :)

thanks also for your kind words at my place.