Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I could have voted twice!!!! I was doing good to vote once considering how undecided I was up until the day I voted. I had to stand in line for twenty minutes on the next to the last day of early voting. Now it seems that I could have gone out and stood in line for hours to caucus. What I want to know is: What would have stopped me from voting for him on the ballot and then voting for her at the caucus?

As I write this, he has won Vermont. She has won Ohio and nobody knows which one has Texas in the bag. With our weird vote and caucus set up, it may be days before it is all settled. It usually doesn't matter much. By the time the Texas primary rolls around, the race has usually been decided, but not this year.

I could have voted twice?

Soundtrack for this post: Linda Ronstatd's version of Poor, Poor Pitiful Me.


Taexalia said...

Your election process is even more convoluted than ours... and I'm not sure either is democracy ;)

*watching with interest*

lime said...

well, we now know who won and if you thought texas' primary never mattered before imagine PA, we never vote until april and for the first time in my life our primary counts. i'm in shock.

Christine said...

dude, texas confuses me!

Running on empty

Brave Sir Robin said...

I voted twice!!!

seventh sister said...

It confuses me, too, and I have lived here most of my life. We still don't know who will get the most delegates. I have no idea how this works but she has won the popular vote and he may win enough of the caucuses to have more delegates than she does.
I don't think this is a true democracy. In fact I know it is not. We have these electoral people who vote after the general election. That is part of the reason we have the (p)resident we have now.
I think it is cool that TX and PA get a voice for a change.

Robin, did you vote for the North or the South to be under water? Did you vote the same way both times?

BreadBox said...

The count in Armstrong County was 0-0. With 100% reporting.