Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday 13

MY 13 favorite blogs (in no particular order):

Christine Kane

Heart In San Francisco

Harp & Sword

Blog It Like You Mean It

Truth Cycles

I Gallop On

Littlel Pea

The Road Lester Traveled

Soul Collage Journey

Open Window

Little Wing

Running on Empty

As If You Care

I did not put links to these because they are all on my side bar.

Sound track : Get By With a Little Help From My Friends Beatles or Joe Cocker, your choice.


Anonymous said...

this is my first visit here, so I don't have anything to say

Anonymous said...

woooops-a-daisies...I just said something!

seventh sister said...

Yes, you did.

Little Wing said...

Seventh Sister, I am honored. Thank you.

Angela said...

Wow. I am totally humbled. Thank you! I'm just so happy to have found you and wish you all the best. Happy Friday!