Monday, April 2, 2007

Persephone's Smile

After looking the other way the past two years, Persephone is smiling on central Texas as she emerges from the underworld. Demeter’s tears of joy at the reunion with her daughter are filling our almost dry lakes. The multicolored cloths of their picnic are scattered on the hills in ever changing patterns.

We cherish spring in the Texas hills because we don’t have it every year. The past two years Hades has tried to follow his part time lover and been stopped here where he has decided to fume and wait for her until mid October. It has gone from winter to 80 and 90-degree days in March and has gotten hotter as the summer has worn on. Our lake levels have been at record lows and our summer temperatures have been at record highs. We were even betrayed by El Nino` last winter when he sent us no rain.

Now spring is here and seems to be sticking around long enough for us to become reacquainted. We are extremely grateful.

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