Friday, January 5, 2007

A request for healing

I have struggled with whether or not to write about this. It is such a downer.

Yesterday I was just going about my business....a little shopping, a little cooking, thinking about my business and how to make it better. The kind of things that we all do day in and day out. The weather here was perfect. Lani and I had a good walk even though we had to stay on the paved trails due to the mud left by the rain the day before. I was happy about the rain since our area is still under drought conditions. I figured up my gross income for the past year and it was more than I thought it had been. All together, I was having a great day.

Then I checked my email.

I have a huge chosen family. These are people to whom I feel very close. They are scattered over the world. One of my brothers lives in the northwest. At the time I received the email, he was flying to a city in the south. His birth (as opposed to chosen) brother and family had been the victims of a home invasion. The wife had been shot and killed. The husband heard her screaming at the shooter to please not hurt the baby. The baby was in bed with the husband. He rolled over onto the baby and was shot in the head and in the hand. He is expected to recover, physically.

These people have been constantly in my prayers since I heard about the event. I ask anyone who reads this to send them your prayers as well. As hard as it is, I am also praying for whoever did this. I cannot nor do I want to imagine the kind of pain a soul has to been in to do something like this. I ask the Universe for healing for everyone involved. That includes me.....and you.


tammy vitale said...

Blessings to you and your brother and his family. I will hold this in my heart as will I hold your compassion (as I did when I watched the loving compassion of the Amish in Pennsylvania after the slaughter of their children). Through these examples I come to understand that more anger and hate feeds whatever it is that does this. Only love can cure it. It is important that you shared this. Peace.

Taexalia said...

I have lit a candle on my altar and I am sending Reiki. This is so sad.

Top cat said...

So sad..sending prayers.

seventh sister said...

Thanks to all of you for your loving words. I hesitated to use names in my post, but this event has now made national news. They were part of the horrible situation in New Orleans where there already have been 14 murders this year. I am sending Reiki to the whole city and everyone in it.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm so very sorry. Words fail.