Thursday, January 25, 2007


Sometimes I just can't figure out where all my time goes. I often get up in the morning thinking that I only have one or two things that I need to get done. I think that I will have a lot of time to meditate and study or read. Then all at once, the day is almost gone and all I have done is run an errand or two, done a load of laundry, and taken Lani for her walk. I honestly don't know what has happened with the rest of the day. I start out to dust the house, which I have to do every other day just to survive here, and the next thing I know, I've picked up here and there and somehow, two hours have passed. A small errand seems to take that long as well. My days just disappear. I realize that I am getting things done. It just seems as though I don't get the things that I really value done. As I type this, it occurs to me that the solution is to place more value on the things that I do each day. After all, they are what makes up my life right now.


Stewart Sternberg said...

Time. It's an interesting artificial construct we impose on ourselves in order to give our lives some sort of meaning. I think people are able to slow down their lives by being aware of everything around them, taking note of the menial, the details.

I sometimes close my eyes, pick a day from my past, or an event, and try and remember each detail about that experience. How people around me dressed, the time of day, the weather, the color of the walls,,,

seventh sister said...

Hi Stwart,

What great idea. You get to relive pleasant memories and put not so pleasant ones in a new "view" of reality.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

That reminds me of cloistered monks and nuns who put their hearts into sweeping the floor because everything done with devotion elevates the spirit.

Since we have so many more options available to us, and have, in effect, an embarrassment of riches, we are rarely satisfied with sweeping a floor well with heart.

What could be more valuable than a day spent meandering with ones dog?

Anonymous said...

set all your clocks ahead an hour and then at the end of the day you've got an extra hour.
I think Yoda said that.