Monday, January 10, 2011

Williams Creek Reservoir

About a half an hour over mountain roads is one of our favorite places in the Pagosa Springs area,

Williams Creek Reservoir . Here it is in October 2010

and here it is in January 2011, I promise there is a lake under all that ice and snow.


Suna said...

Love the contrast between seasons!

RandomThoughts said...

Wow, where is this at? Out west? Maybe Colorado?
Pretty scenery, that's for sure. Look how blue that sky is.
Speaking of blue, we saw the bluest bluebird today! So beautiful.

Love mountain scenery. Do you mind me asking where this photo is from?

seventh sister said...

It's in Southwestern Colorado.

Ashley said...

That is awesome !!!

Ulzzang Diva said...


Fayn said...

Oh the beauty. And we are in Kiev a couple of years ago, came to the old friends and celebrated the New Year in Bakkara Accord Hotel. In that year, it was just icing - a beauty I can tell you ... umm ... it is dangerous, what if something falls on his head)