Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Music is Not Dead,Just Mortally Wounded

I have written several posts describing the reasons I love Austin. However, the Austin that I love so much seems to be on life support which is one of the reasons I moved. One of my favorite venues, Shady Grove, was shut down last Thursday night before 8pm because a 'neighbor' complained and the police showed up to enforce the cities new noise ordinance. It appears that this ordinance is only used against live music venues. You can make all the noise you want with your power tools, motorcycle, construction equipment, whatever, just don't play your music any louder than you can talk.

photo from Austin Daily Photos

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konagod said...

This really pisses me off. Really.

I hope that neighbor is getting plenty of Harley action this weekend with the biker rally. And I mean LOTS of Harley action.