Saturday, January 3, 2009

Great Sites

I have just discovered a couple of sites that I really like and want to share.

68 Second Video has fifteen different 68 second videos for timing your positive thoughts about money, freedom and relationships. If you are a students of Abraham-Hicks, you know that focusing on something for 68 seconds creates a powerful attraction for it. A lot of us use this technique consciously. We all use it unconsciously. How many times have you focused at least 68 seconds on something you were upset about? Did you feel better or worse about it as you 'focused' on it? Law of Attraction of all about the feeling you have about anything, whether it is something you have, something you want,or something you don't want or don't have.

Life Unfolding Beautifully is a blog I just discovered and I've added it to my blog roll. If you are wanting to lose a few pounds, the most current post is a must read. The second most recent post is a must read for everybody.


Marion said...

Happy New Year, Seventh...I hope the year 2009 will be filled with creativity, success, happiness and health for you.

Thanks for those great links...a lack of time stops me from finding those great blogs on my own, and I appreciate lists on other blogs where I can find them easily.

The 68 Second Video is great!

Anne said...

68 seconds, huh? I know about the law of attraction but I didn't know it took a specific amount of time. I'll have to try that.