Friday, September 12, 2008

Blowin' Like a Bandit

We have battened down the hatches.....stocked up on drinking water, loaded up with food items that don't have to be cooked (I have never had so much junk food in my house), and cleaned out the garage so that the cars could be parked in it rather than under the trees. I also filled as many empty pop bottles as I could find along with all my plastic food storage containers with water and put them in the freezer to keep it as cold as possible for as long as possible should we lose electricity. If the power goes out, we won't have any water because we have a well and the pump is electric. One of the last things we will do before we go to bed tonight is fill up some buckets with water so we can use it to flush if we have to. Then we will put the outdoor chairs in the garage and pull the potted plants up next to the house. We both have full gas tanks.

Come on Ike. Bring us some rain but pass over gently, will ya?

Update Saturday morning: It looks like Ike has hit Galveston and Houston pretty hard then taken a hard right turn toward the Texas Louisianna line. Here in Austin we have cloudy skies and a little bit of a breeze along with some pretty high humidity. That is it. No rain!!!! We were really hoping for some since we are in a sever drought. This is the second hurricane this year that has sent the rain in some other direction. I hope all of my friends in Houston are OK. I doubt that they have electricity. I feel sorry for the rescue teams who will have to go into Galveston and look for people who refused to leave and for all the people who have lost property and have been displaced.

Soundtrack for this post: Guy Clark's Blowin' Like a Bandit, Asleep at the Wheel version.


lime said...

stay safe.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm glad you guys are ok. I was following the storm and saw that it hadn't really affected Austin.

And you'll never run out of bottled water now.