Thursday, August 28, 2008

R I P Del Martin

With all the hoopla over the DNC, the story of Del Martin's death at the age of 87 has received little coverage. She was the partner of Phyllis Lyon. After being together for 55 years, they married last June in San Francisco with the mayor officiating. They were responsible for founding several of this country's gay rights organizations.

Phyllis said that people were always asking them how they had made their relationship last so long. She said that if they had a formula for that, they would have written a best selling book and had a million dollars.

Del stood up and lived her life out loud. I wish the best for Phyllis now.

One of the things that I have heard almost all of the speakers at the DNC say is that they want to see equal rights for everybody and all of them have included gay and lesbians specifically in their phrasing.

It's about time.

Soundtrack for this post: Hattie and Mattie by Eric Schwartz.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

Oh, my, I live in San Francisco and didn't hear of Ms. Martin's death. It's almost as if she held if off until they could be married.

I can't imagine being with someone for 55 years, and what it must feel like to be alone afterward.

I, too, am glad that the equality issue is finally being addressed by those who have the power to make a difference.

seventh sister said...

I don't think there was any national coverage other than online. I read it on some blogs.

konagod said...

It was in the New York Times. That made me sad because I was so happy when they legally tied the knot. At least they got that pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Another one of the "old school" civil rights activists gone. It's more important than ever for us to pick up the torch, and teach the younger generation how to do it when it will be their turn. This goes not only for gay rights, but for the rights of women, people of color, the poor, and anyone else who may be treated unfairly.

Much respect to a woman who lived her life fighting for tolerance.


MsLittlePea said...

Oh. I feel like a slacker since I had never heard of her. But I agree too. It's about damn time.