Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Hinges of Hell

Central Texas is experiencing a heatwave. For the last 20 or so days, temperature as reached at least 98 degrees. Most days it has reached 100 degrees or more. Today it was offically 99 degrees. There is no relief in sight. It's gonna be a long hot one. We are thankful for all the trees in our yard, air conditioning and friends with swimming pools.

I posted this whine last night and received this in an email this morning along with a prayer request for our troops. I have no idea how current it is but it is most likely accurate:

7-Day Forecast for Baghdad,Iraq Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu 115ºF /89ºF 117ºF /89ºF 120ºF /90ºF 122ºF /91ºF 122ºF /92ºF 121ºF /95ºF 120ºF /95ºF

OK, I have no right to complain.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

You should come to San Francisco where temperatures tend to hover around 60 most of the time.

Under normal conditions, I much prefer fresh air to air conditioning, but when the mercury climbs around 100, I make exceptions.

I hope it cools off soon.

Ginnie said...

Yes, we are experiencing the same deadly heat wave here in NC. I can't imagine how people lived through it without air conditioning ...which I really don't like but find is a necessity.

konagod said...

Especially thankful for friend's with swimming pools. I'm really tempted to buy one of those cheap kiddie pools just to sit in it.

MsLittlePea said...

Ouch. Yeah I was bitching about it still being 96 degrees yesterday at 6pm. Do you at least have a low humidity? Fl is so humid I thought I was going to pass out yesterday. Whoever invented air conditioning should be canonized.

seventh sister said...

Heart, I'd think I was living at the North Pole.

I know, Ginnie, but somehow we did. Of course, people die f rom the heat every summer.

We have a blow up kiddie pool that I got to bathe Lani in but I don't think I want to put it im my back yard and get in it. We all have chain link fences and there is no provacy in our backyard.

lp, right now it is 101 here with 17% humitity. You are right about FL. When it was 90 degrees there, I could not walk a block and a half to the convenience store.