Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I have to concede that my last post was more than a little snarky. (I have lived in Dallas so I am not all that apologetic.) At the risk of luring even more people to our already over crowded city, here are the top ten reasons I live in Austin:

10. Town Lake with all the hike trails right downtown

9. Ribs (with live Music)

8. Live Music

(Stephen Taylor)

7. Tex Mex

6. Live Music

(Eliza Gilkyson)

5. The Moon over Town Lake

4. Live Music

3. Hamilton Pool

2: Live Music
1. All my friends live here. Well, not all of you, just the biggest concentration of you in one place on a more or less permanent basis.
It was not easy narrowing it down to ten. I could have gone on and on. I left out the veiw of the capitol from South Congress Avenue, the historic buildings downtown, Mt. Bonnell, breakfast tacos.......... and of course, whatever makes up your top ten.


Pendullum said...

What a beautiful pic of the moon...
It feels like you could just touch it!

seventh sister said...


Yes, it does. I saw it once rising in golden glory right out of the lake from the back of an open topped Jeep Wrangler. It looked as though it couldl have dripped water on us.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

You're right. These pictures are very enticing, especially the lake, the pool and the skyline.

I have heard only good things about Austin, and think you are lucky to have made a good life there.

Wishing you and Stephen many more wonderful years.